Disabled Options at Perth International Airport

If you have special needs or requirements, you may need assistance before boarding or disembarking from the plane, or even during the duration of the flight. 
In cases like these, contacting the airline in advance is best practice. By telling them about your circumstances, the airline can prepare wheelchairs or other special equipment in advance or even tailor the on-board service according to your needs. Airlines will always accommodate disabled persons and they have the sufficient training to provide the best service possible in scenarios like these. 
Some medical conditions, however, may require you to present a “fitness to travel” clearance, so this should also be mentioned prior to flying.


There are a total of 138 accessible parking bays in the parking lots between all 4 terminals. These parking bays can be used by vehicles with a valid Australian Disability Parking Permit, so if you have opted for a car hire in Perth Airport, be sure you have this permit with you.
There are general use kerbside facilities in Terminals 1 and 2, but you cannot find designated kerbside pick-up and drop-off areas here. Terminals 3 and 4, on the other hand, have designated 15-minute bays directly in front of the terminals and these can be used to drop off a person with disability. If you’re looking to move between terminals, Perth Airport offers a free shuttle bus service modified to accommodate wheelchairs.


Passing through the security screening can be a daunting task for those who have mobility aids. Disabled passengers are still required to pass the screening, but the staff are trained to work around your needs or equipment, provided that you explain your situation to them.
Medical implants such as pacemakers might set off metal detectors so please mention this to the security staff as well. Passengers carrying assistance animals will not have to be separated from their animals at any point.


All terminals at Perth Airport have lift access to all public levels and automatic doors to all entrances.
Travelex ATMs have braille functionality and are located on various points on the airport. Teletypewriter telephones are available on the ground floor of Terminal 1 as well. Counter Hearing Systems are in place at some check-in counters and can be used by those wearing hearing aids or those with a hearing impairment.

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